Saved Keys

Share and manage your saved keys.

Manage & Share Your Keys

KeyMe's cutting-edge technology ends frustrating lockouts forever. When you copy a key at our kiosk, you can choose to save it to our secure system. 

Visit any kiosk to order additional copies of any saved key previously cut at a kiosk.

Share Keys Anytime & Anywhere

Send saved keys from our site or kiosk


Copy and Save Keys at Kiosk

Scan your keys and store a perfect digital copy on our secure platform


With friends and family through our site or kiosk, a secure code will be sent via email

Make Copies

They can cut the keys from one of our thousands of kiosks, and you'll be notified once it's delivered

Complete Security at Every Step

Limited Data Storage: We do not store information linking your key with a location. Your address is deleted once the order has shipped.

Verified Users: KeyMe does not accept cash. All transactions are verified with a credit card. Additionally, we require email verification for mobile transactions and fingerprint submissions at the kiosk. 

Activity Updates: Anytime there is activity on your account, we send an email alert.

Industry Leadership: KeyMe partners with law enforcement agencies across the nation to advance security in the industry.

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