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Have a lock that doesn’t work quite right? Don’t let the problem get worse and become vulnerable to break-ins. Check it off your to-do list today!
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We ensure all of our locksmiths are highly skilled, and are background checked and licensed.

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The price we quote is the price you pay. Some locksmith quote one price, then hike up the price when they arrive. Not us.

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Why Using and Maintaining High Quality Locks is Important

Ensure your property isn’t vulnerable to intruders

Having a broken lock makes you more susceptible to break ins. You shouldn't ignore issues with your locks, as the problem could become much more severe.

Don't put your safety at risk.

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Our Services

Locks can require a range of repairs, we can address all of these at a great price.

  • Key is Hard to Turn

    When a key is hard to turn, it may be due to the metal expanding with humidity or other outside factors. Try spraying some WD-40. If that doesn’t work, give us a call as you may have a more serious issue.

  • Key Doesn't Turn

    If you’re unable to turn your key, DO NOT force it! The key could get stuck and break in your lock, causing a more serious issue.

  • Key Turns, but Doesn't Lock

    If you try locking your door, but your key keeps spinning around and around, you may have an issue with the lock’s cylinder. Give us a call as you’ll need a locksmith to fix the issue.

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