Car Keys Up to 70% Off Dealer Price*
Dealers often charge up to $500 or more for car key replacements
Your car dealer charges outrageous prices for things like labor, programming and branded key blanks. This can balloon the price of your car key replacement to $500 or more, depending on your specific vehicle. KeyMe doesn't add hidden costs, saving you money!

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KeyMe Duplicate Car Keys are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Using cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning technology, the key copy kiosks will create a 3D image for the highest accuracy

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Limited Data Storage: We do not store information linking your key with a location. Your address is deleted once the order has shipped.

Verified Users: KeyMe does not accept cash. All transactions are verified with a credit card. Additionally, we require email verification for mobile transactions and fingerprint submissions at the kiosk.

Industry Leadership: KeyMe partners with law enforcement agencies across the nation to advance security in the industry.

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* Savings estimated - it's difficult to provide the precise savings as dealers are not forthcoming with their pricing.